Thursday, May 7, 2009

Shh!! And stop calling on the devil

It was suppose to be a movie night but what I walked into was a devil casting, tongue speaking and feet stamping prayer session. I did a double take to make sure I was at the right place.  Of course I was because Kemi and Tolani were standing in one corner of the room, probably mad as hatters.  I had convinced them the previous night to come out for the movie night. I wondered how a movie night turned into a night vigil? If Mobola wanted to have a prayer night, all she was suppose to do was ask. Although, I don’t think I would have showed up if I knew this was going to be an Iso oru[1]. I can pray without ceasing but omo not tonight. I was tired.

As I walked across the living room to meet Kemi, Mobola's mother passed to me a white handkerchief, “fi bori e” [2] she said. I threw the cloth over the top of my head and tied it at the back while I said breathe prayers to God to take control of the situation going on in the living room. I managed to get to Kemi then whispered

“What happened? I thought u guys were watching Twilight? How did this become a night vigil? Where is Mobola?”

“It was a movie night until 30 minutes ago.  Mobola's youngest sister – I don’t remember her name….”

“Korede” I interjected

“Yes... that one, she sha fell asleep and then we heard her screaming Jesus over and over again”


“She believed she was bound by the devil”

“Bound by the devil ke?  I don’t understand.”

“She said when she woke up, she was unable to move or speak for 5 minutes. It was as if she was frozen and something heavy was sitting on her chest. oh... she also said she saw a vampire in the room.”

I chuckled... “Which one? Jasper Cullen

“Stop laughing because it's not funny. Their mother even broke the DVD into pieces”

“Stop it, you are lying”

“okay oh... shebi you have eyes, look over there now” she pointed to the broken dvd pieces laying on the carpet

“Ladies, please let's be of one accord. The devil is always looking for whom to devour. please stop talking and let the holy ghost do his job” Mobola's mother spoke

For reasons unknown to me, I stayed and prayed with them for 10 minutes before i took my leave. I would have thought in a household filled with registered and license practical nurses, someone should have known that what happened to Korede was Sleep Paralysis .

But as usual, ignorant culture took over

I am still shaking my head


[1] Night Vigil

[2] Cover your head with it

[3] What happened