Monday, October 22, 2007

And it came to pass

From your trials and errors in the past 9 years you gained insight. Patience was the key and deceit was its lock. The plan was flawless and the lies were secured. Every step had to be thought carefully, the very end had to have had the perfect beginning.

With the dice cast and the game won, you placed me on the board for your amusement. First, it started with the phone calls, then your rigmarole; both elaborate and complicated. I know you will say I pushed you to it. Yes, I have heard it numerous times “Allied you never let things slide, you are too inquisitive”.

Since the ordeal, I have asked myself several times, how come I never saw it coming? I am usually in tune with things of this nature. Thinking about it now, I should have known. I saw the signs but my sunglasses blurred the vision. The warnings too were echoing but my ipod was more deafening. The secrets were glaring but I couldn’t be bothered.

I think the real reason I didn’t think you could do it was because I didn’t believe you could. After all, you failed for 9 years. What I didn’t realize was, though you failed all those years, you always tried. Noting all your wrongs and furthering it towards perfection.

The deed is done and it has come to pass. I am sure you are glad you pulled it off. I am also glad even though you know I hate surprises.

Thank you guys. I really enjoyed my surprise party.

** Me in the middle asking them how they did it. The plan was perfected to the point that I INVITED THEM TO THE PARTY**

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What you call them they will become

This picture was taken 20yrs ago. Funny enough i still look the same except for the hair. I am not into didi* anymore :)

I look back at the events that had transpired in the last 356 days and all I can say is THANK YOU LORD.

There were days I cried like there is tomorrow. Days I laughed and I ask you why you Love me so much. The days I was too ashamed to come into your presence, because I thought my sins separated me from you. Those days I ask you stupid questions. Days I asked you to renew the right spirit within me. Daft days I get angry at you for not keeping your promises. Fulfilled days I realized that I have not received your promises because I am ill-equipped for them. Countless days of my foolishness. Constant days of your loving and kindness.

Father, I don’t say this enough, but I Love you so much. I thank you for giving me the privilege of being your child. Because of your favor, I get the favor of men. I thank you for your mercies which are abundant in my life. Not only do you keep me safe, you also get me out of punishments I truly deserved.

Every year, a month before my birthday, I go into this “reflecting on my life” mode. I try to weigh the growth and stagnant places in my life, spiritually, physically, economically and socially. This year is no different. I went into my reflective mode, but with the WRONG attitude.

Originally, I got the attitude “this birthday is going to be different" because the things I thank God for last year now had a BUT or FULL STOP somewhere. That thought started the escalation of frivolous emotions…

Then I stumbled on Jeremiah 17vs 7 “7 Blessed is the man that trusteth in the LORD, and whose hope the LORD is. 8 For he shall be as a tree planted by the waters, and that spreadeth out her roots by the river, and shall not see when heat cometh, but her leaf shall be green; and shall not be careful in the year of drought, neither shall cease from yielding fruit”.

I got on my knees and began to pray for forgiveness. The “God in Heaven who reveals secrets “(Daniel 2:28) has revealed to me that I need to be steadfast in spirit. I need to trust him.

All my reflecting should only be spiritual. Because when we are in good fellowship and intimacy with God, it is generally difficult for Satan to attack us in our spirit. Attacking our bodies is an entirely different topic, but Proverbs 18:14 (The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?) does show that if our spirit is in good condition, especially if our relationship wand fellowship with God is good, we can sustain through even physical/ emotional infirmity.

If I take on the attitude of not having a Good birthday, it will be so because I thougt and willed it. The battle starts from the mind. By establishing defeat in our minds, Satan can render us ineffective with minimal effort because that condition will dictate us, fueling off our own efforts!

For example, a baby circus elephant may originally need to be restrained by a chain around its foot. It will strain and strain against its bonds but after a while it knows that it is impossible to break free, so it eventually gives up. When the elephant is older, all that is needed to keep it from running away is a small rope. The adult elephant is very capable of breaking its bond now, but because it has been conditioned with the impossibility of breaking free for so long in its mind, it's given up without trying!

Things become what you call them. I call my birthday HAPPY and blessed.

Henceforth, I will start calling unspeakable Joy, everlasting happiness, heart full of praise and all the good things that the lord has willed in my life.

My life will become what I call it. And I call it a God Shaped Life.
Happy Birthday Allied. This year is just the beginning of uncommon favor in your life

I stayed up all night preparing u guys these delicious food

Nigerian food is a must

I also love Indian Food

Get something to drink

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sins of the Parents

“Allied, I have gist for you oh” said an acquaintance of mine. I guess every one has this type of friend, who always has gist. You listen and nod, maybe a comment here and there but you never dive in too much for fear of her mentioning your name when she is relating the gist to someone else. Also, you never get to close to her because you hate people that gossip but you never send her away because her stories are always juicy.

“Eh, you do? What happened” my ears already perked. Ok, I like gist as the next person. What can I say?

“Yes oh, but don’t say I told you. I am just telling you because I think you should know”

“Of course” I said, we both know she will use the exact same line to the other twenty people she tells.

“Do you remember Gbohunmi?”

“Gbohunmi? Gbohunmi? That name sounds familiar. I am not sure…..who is he?”

She smiled “You don’t remember, but you know I was talking about a boy. It might have been a girl now. Anyway, Gbohummi in night vigil”

Of course I know who Gbohunmi is, I was just “demoing’ for the girl. Before i know, a concocted a story about Gbohunmi and I will be carried through the tri state“cobalizing” me in one of her numerous gist.

“Is he the tall dark guy that plays the drum”? Another white lie, I knew Gbohun is the guy that plays the guitar. He is a cutie, but a lot of girls are after him and I don’t want to be counted in the number.

“No, the other one that plays the guitar” she said impatiently

“Oh, ok…. What about him?”

A laugh with mirth escaped her lips “My dear, the guy really likes you oh. It’s been a while now, we were talking yesterday and he told me”

Pulse racing, heart pounding… but I managed to stay clam “really, since when? And why are you the one relating the message”

“What message? he did not send me to you, I am just telling you. Infact let me land before you bury me. I asked him what he will do about it, but he told me, he can only like you from a distance. Cause of the complication” she paused for the effect of her words

“Complication? what complication?” asked curious me. “But I am not married, neither do I smoke or drink. Or is it because I don’t go to his church?” I shamelessly listed my biodata.

She laughed “no, he said he did his home work and he found out your parents are separated. You have been exposed to divorce, so it’s not likely you will make a good wife”

My jaw dropped. “What”?

She repeated herself, like I didn’t hear her the first time. “What a shame, you guys would have been a cute couple; I hate it when something like that happens”

“He said that? Who wants to marry him anyway” my ego was bruised. If she knew that I had already envisioned what our twins would look like. Nimi (Oluwalonimi) will inherit his dimples, and my beautiful face and long hair (by Nigerian standard) and Kintan (Ireoluwakintan) would have his daddy’s long eyelashes and mummy’s almond shaped eyes.

“Yes, he did. Guys think like that sometimes…. anyway I got to go, bye”

She left, and I stood there for another minute or two pondering on what she said. I have never heard of this before... “What?” I said loud again.

I decided to investigate further. No, not with Gbohunmi, but talk to other people and see if this is another disease that needs to be purged from the society, and Boy was I surprised. I found out that a lot of guys believe in such things. From, Nigerians, to Indians to Guyanese. They all punish the children for the “sins” of their parents.

Notice I put sins in quotes. Sin is defining what is morally unacceptable in each culture. WOW

I refuse to believe people think this way, WE ARE CHRISTIANS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD.
For once i am speechless…