Tuesday, June 12, 2007

15 things Me-me

1) Immediately I came out of my mom’s womb there was a black out. The placenta was still inside her. I guess for this sole reason, my mom always think I need deliverance.

2) I bear a man’s name. It is equivalent to a girl named Abraham. Even Nigerians find it weird. Many a times, when we were younger, my female friends got slapped just because they told their parents they visited their friend A*’s house. They thought their children went to a boy’s house.

3) I sucked my thumb till I was ten years old

4) I hate confrontations. It makes me so uncomfortable

5) I observe before I interact. This gives people the impression that I am very quiet, but my close friends will tell you I can’t shut up.

6) I am a neat freak – I will clean everything under the sun.

7) I can cook almost every Nigerian dish. This is an accomplishment for me because I was not allowed to enter the kitchen when I was younger. I was a very clumsy child. I learnt by going to this woman that had a Nigerian restaurant by my house.

8) My name was changed 3 times before I was 3. Thank God I don’t have multiple personalities.

9) Talking about names – I have a weird, unique (at least I think so) and RAZZ middle name. The name has been the “butt” of many jokes. What was my family thinking?

10) I can’t keep malice with anybody. It bothers me when someone do not talk to me because of something they think I did.

11) I can’t relate to my siblings. I have tried several times but they see me as one of their aunties rather than a sister. We are generations apart

12) I have older friends because I have always been the youngest in my class. I was skipped 3 times in school.

13) I have to eat/munch and drink in the middle of the night. I always have a bottle to water and some snacks on my night stand – and NO I am not a WITCH.

14) I am a very light sleeper. I don’t sleep well if someone sleeps next to me.

15) Lastly, I Love GOD. I have a relationship with him that only he and I understand. I want to submit myself totally to him (I am still working on it). He had mercy on me. His mercy was not only to get me out of the punishment I deserve but also to grant me favors that I am not worthy of.



wao intersting post!! the room blacked out?? if i were ur mum id think u needed deliverance too. lol.

Bola said...

I love, love, love this post. I love it when things like this provides the opportunity to learn more about people. I think I may post somn similar up. Anyways, your name doesn't sound particularly masculine to me.

Allied said...

@ 36 - ahhh... But how many times can you be delievered from the same thing?

@ Bola - Please post it up. I am sure i will learn new things about you. Tell me how many girls have you heard here or in Nigeria that answers to my name? The name is not even popular with boys of our generation gan sef. All the guys that have that name are all uncles. It is an acient name i believe.

Anonymous said...

you never told us pt. 2 of your car running out of gas story.

Allied said...

I will try to put it up as soon as i am able to. Thanks for visiting

rethots said...

4,5 - in common; 9 - won't guess, would rather you told me; 11 - why do you make 5years seem like ages?; 15 - a common desire.