Thursday, June 28, 2007

Scathered Lives

I am coming home


That was all the email said. She read it again and checked the time it was sent. 9:17pm last night. She made some calculations; he must have sent it around 3pm his time. Joy and happiness both rolled into one emotion. She is excited. Finally, they are to meet again. At last, they will be together. Her thoughts ran wild. Will she still look beautiful to him? Will he recognize her? What if he doesn’t love her anymore? She looked at herself in the full length mirror, Her body is still in shape, her hair which he loved so much is cut short but it brings out her beautiful almond eyes, her breasts are bigger and fuller which pleases her. She thought about what will she wear when she meets him? She remembered he loved to see her in pink, but it is possible he has changed after 2 years. No, he is still the same person, her heart tells her so. She smiled to herself, and reminisced on how things were between them before they parted.

Lola and Wale met in college and their relationship began as friends. Within a year, it grew into something deeper, though nameless. Friends from each side teased them about it. During their last year in college, Wale kissed her while they were arguing about some trivial thing. She still remembered that kiss after three yrs. He asked her to marry him. She accepted.

Lola was brought back to reality when Anu cried in her crib. She looked at the baby with sadness. How will she explain? She picked up the baby from the crib and looked at her closely. Anu is a very beautiful baby, how she wishes she belonged to both of them. She studied her baby for another minute, Anu, happy to be at her mother’s bosom smiled and rage consumed Lola. Anu had Lola’s features but her nose and smile were that of her father Leke. She remembered the circumstances how she met and married Leke. He had been one of her father’s friends. Even though, he was younger to her father, he was still treated as an equal because of his wealth and position in the community.

When Lola and Wale both graduated from college, Wale got admission into a university in the United States to study his MBA. He was not from a rich family nor did he know anyone in the U.S. He had to come up with money for his fees, room and board. Lola’s family was not financially well off, but because her father was well respected within their community before he died, she had contacts to family friends who are wealthy. One of such friends was Leke Sanni.

Leke Sanni is a business tycoon who is both shrewd and generous in his dealings. He made his wealth through family inheritance but also had the business sense to continue to make more. At the age of 39, he still had no plans to settle down; He is not a womanizer but known to be in company of beautiful women. One day, Leke saw Lola at the entrance of his company, and he quicky ushered her in, not because he recognized her but because her beauty caught his attention. When they got to his office, he was very nice and warm to her, he asked her if she wanted anything to drink but Lola declined

Mr. Sanni, I am Albert Kola’s daughter, Lola. I came to you because you are one of my father’s friends and I need your help” She started refusing to meet his eyes

“What is it my dear” he asked not in a fatherly way

“I have a friend who is so dear to our family, he needs a loan to go aboard and he also needs a job when he gets there. Knowing someone of your caliber will help him”

“Who is your friend?”

“His name is Wale Timi, we grew up together. My father treated him like his son when he was alive.” Leke remembered Lola’s father as a generous man. Even when he didn’t have, he made it a point to give. But how come he never realized how beautiful Lola was? He asked himself. Leke sensed what she had not said. He knew Wale and Lola were more than friends; he conjured up a plan. He pushed his chair back and stood up.

“Lola” he said softly as he walked over to her and gently placed his left hand on her shoulder. Then he continued “I will help you.” Your father was a very nice man and once upon a time, he too was there for me” She was grateful to hear this. She asked him when Wale can see him. The arrangement was made and Wale was given his loan and he left the country promising Lola that he would come back for her.

Four months passed, Lola paid a visit to Leke Sanni to thank him for all he did for Wale. Leke was glad he could be of assistance. He invited her to dinner, and she accepted. When they got to their destination, she realized it was a hotel, a bit perplexed, she questioned him

Mr. Sanni, why are we here?

“To eat” he said. “Haven’t you dined in a five star hotel before?”

Lola felt embarrassed and she smiled. He continued “Don’t worry, there will be other people joining us if you are feeling uncomfortable”

She relaxed when she heard that. He led her into a private suite. Dinner was ordered. Lola began to feel uneasy because they only ordered dinner for two. She questioned him again

“Mr. Sanni, why are you holding a meeting in a suite instead of a conference room and shouldn’t we order dinner for the rest of the group?”

He answered “No, dinner is just for us, and the meeting is being held here because of its confidentiality.” She excused herself to the bathroom. While in there, Leke laced her drink with a sleeping drug. Lola came back, apologized that she had to leave. Leke asked her to at least have a drink before she leaves, she had the drink, something didn’t feel right, and she knew it. It was too late though; she began to feel drowsy. She staggered her way to the bed to sit down and only minutes later, she fell unconscious as she watched Leke walk towards her.

Lola woke up with a headache, she looked around, but could not recognize where she was. She got up and realized she was naked. Could it be? She wondered as her hands tried to hide her body from the morning light. Still doubting, she hurriedly grabbed her clothes from the floor. Leke heard her from the bathroom and he ran into the bedroom to meet her; He was smiling. This is when it hit her, there was no longer need to doubt, his face told her the story of last night; she is a woman, her body confirmed it.
With her eyes welled up with tears and her clenched fists making a thousand promises of pain, she darted across the room and lunged at Leke. She hit him till her hands gave up and her legs gave in; she collapsed to the floor sobbing.

To be continued…


Bola said...

More...more...I need to know what happened next!!!

Allied said...

@ Bola - Lol you just have to wait till Next week. I would have posted it on the weekend but ofcourse you want me to cook for ur party - so i DONT have time.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Actually this story sadened me. I think I might asumme that she got raped, pregnant and felt she had no choice but to marry the father of her unborn child. Very well narrated, but very sad too.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

ok, hurry up and finish the story.

Lady A said...

She had her warning signs right in front of her. Not saying she deserved it, but right when ole boy lied about others coming to the dinner. That should have been her clue to leave.

Anonymous said...

ha allied, but you have too many "to be continued" entries now! why do you want to keep on tanatalizing us like tantalizers?
(sorry i know it's a bad joke, can't help it)

Anonymous said...

Allied please finish the story NOW!!!!!!

Believer said...

Hi allied, how are you doing? sorry i've been away in CMRYU! I second anon's motion please can we have the remainder of the story. Remain blessed

Bola said...

Why won't you finish the story now? I've been waiting over 2 weeks already. Should we beg?

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

allied, I think you want me to ban your blog from my eyes ever setting on it, since you have refused to finish the story. No problem. I will count to three, if nothing, then I will ban it... 1, 2, ......

Believer said...

Allied, allied where art thou?

Believer said...

Hi allied, i'm sure you must have entered your 'crazy season' anyways I am still waiting for you to finish the story.

Allied said...

Hello Everybody, Sorry i have not updated as i promised. The conclusion is already written, i just have to edit it. it will be up soon.

Thanks for visiting and please stay intrested

Xhale said...

"Clap Clap Clap" I can't wait to read the rest.

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