Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Scathered Lives 2

I finally posted the part 2 of the story. Sorry it took a month, i cant lie that i was really busy, i just didn't know how to end the story. I had to update quick when

  • Anonymous revealed her identity
  • One blogger like this threaten to ban my blog
  • Another stalks me on the phone
  • and lastly the blogger that always asks, then encourage me with the word of God.

You all know yourselves.


Leke, crouched near Lola and whispered “Marry me”. Lola suddenly became furious; she stood up violently and pain shot through her body. She had never imagined her first time would be taken forcefully. He robbed her of her fantasies. She looked down at Leke and spat in his face. “Shameless pig” was all she could utter.

Two months later, she found out she was pregnant and confided in her mom. Her mother’s reaction shocked her beyond imagination. Mrs. Kola held the end of her wrapper and danced around the room singing praises to God. Lola yelled at her.

“MOM why are you dancing? This is rape and I have a bastard growing in me” she said.“Hush your mouth! No grandchild of mine is a bastard. Why shouldn't I be happy? This is God’s doing. Leke is a good man. I know what he did is wrong, but he won’t leave you stranded and I also suspect you like him. You followed him voluntarily to the hotel. I just hope it is a boy so you can at least get that out of the way. Men love boys better. It is good that you are moving on. Have you told Wale?

At the mention of Wale’s name, it seemed a forceful wind knocked her off balance. She staggered back. Her mother ushered her to sit. Wale? She thought. How will she tell him? What would he think? She grabbed her purse and walked out of the house into the rain. Her mother ran after her. “Lola, where are you going? Lola, don’t do anything foolish, Lola?”

She continued. At first she walked fast, and then broke into a run. Though, it was raining, she could feel the hotness of her tears on her cheeks. It stung. What would she do? Should she abort? “O God No” she cried. She couldn’t bring herself to do it. She remembered her friend Tinuke who aborted her pregnancy while she and Wale were still in college. Tinuke never made it out alive. She died on the operating table. The doctors said something about her loosing too much blood. Abortion is not an option. She reasoned with herself. Wale is a rational man. He loves her, he will understand. She is the victim and Wale would see that... A decision was made to call him that very night.

She headed home. Her mom was not in the house when she got there. “Even better” she muttered. She dialed Wale’s number on her cell. It kept on ringing; no one answered not even his voicemail came on. She looked at the time. 7pm. It was midnight over there. She decided to call back the next day. Lola heard the front door open and close, her mother is home. She hurried towards the door in her room to lock it. But before her thought turned into action, her mom swung the door opened.“Please meet me in the living room” she said quietly and turned around to the opposite direction. Lola was not sure what to do? Is someone outside? She hoped her mom hasn’t told any of her father’s relatives. She lingered in her room a moment longer then she stepped outside.

Her legs almost gave in when she stepped into the living room. On the couch sat Leke. His arms akimbo and he was looking down at his feet. Her mom sat opposite him and gestured towards the seat beside her.“What are you doing here” Lola yelled“Oro ariwo ko” Mrs. Kola said quietly. She continued “Lola sit down and let us talk this out. Leke has promised to do the needful. I am glad to hear that”. Hate burned in Lola’s eyes. She looked at her mother “the needful”? She repeated. “And what might that be? Is he going to give me my virginity back?” she screamed as tears streamed down her face.

Leke spoke on cue. “I am willing to marry you. I really like you” I can’t forgive myself for what I did. But I thought you like me too. Lola ran into her room, locked her door and cried herself to sleep. Days passed and she hasn’t been able to reach Wale. She called his cell phone numerous times and it kept saying “the sprint PCS number you called is temporarily out of service”. She called the landline where he stayed and the Lady told her Wale moved out a couple of weeks ago without a forwarding address. Lola also sent him an email but it came back undelivered. She was worried. There was no way to contact him; she had exhausted all her options.

Several more months passed and her belly grew as well. Her mother invited her father’s relatives to come and speak some sense into her. Leke was also invited. They all came on a hot Saturday afternoon. Her dad’s elder uncle spoke

“Lola, we the elders of this family are here to talk to you. Even if your father is alive, we will still be here to talk to you if this same situation arises. Your mother came to report you to us that you don’t listen to her. She said if she talks, you are silent. If she is silent, you cry. She can’t take it anymore that was why she invited us. Mama Lola, am I wrong?”

“No sir”

He clucked disapproval and pointed towards Leke “do you know this young man?”

Lola did not look up but answered “Yes”

“Is he responsible for your pregnancy?”


He looked at Leke “Did you impregnate her?”


"Are you ready to marry her and give her your name?”

He beamed “Yes sir. I really love Lola”

Uncle Bayo continued “I don’t know if you love her or not, but you are going to marry her because of the shame you brought upon her. I don’t know why young men of today cannot control themselves. If you wanted a woman badly, you should have taken a wife or perhaps visited a brothel. Lola is not just someone’s child, she is our child. I will not tolerate any ill treatment from you towards her. Do you hear me young man?"

"Yes Sir”

"We have forgiven you, now ask Lola for her forgiveness". Leke prostrated on cue and he pleaded.“Lola, you have heard. And as your father, I am ordering you and not asking. I want you to work with your mother and choose a date. And young man, Tell your people to come and see us. Congratulations” he extended his hands and Leke shook it.

Lola and Leke got married and Anu was born 2 months later. Meanwhile, Wale had not contacted Lola until his recent email to her. She looked down at Anu and she knew instantly what she had to do to get Wale back. She will be prepared. She called Teniola, her housemaid and handed the baby to her. She instructed her to feed the baby and change her diaper. She changed into a boubou and stepped out of the house. She took the keys from her driver and drove herself to a mallam shop and asked him where she can get rat poison. He had some and sold it to her. She came back home and gave it to teniola to keep until “aunty Laide” her friend comes calling for it.

Leke came home, and was so happy to see Lola and Anu, ever since they both got married 6 months ago; he had lavished her with every wish of hers. But he loved Anu more, he is always eager to change her diaper or feed her during the night. He spoke to Anu in baby gibberish and she smiled.

“How did your day go” he asked Lola

“Fine” she snapped and went to their room and slammed the door. Leke was used to her tantrums. Sometime, Lola is affectionate and sometimes she is snobbish. He tried to atone for his sins at different times, but Lola would not forgive. He asked Teniola to bring his food and he spent the rest of the evening in his study.

Lola got another email from Wale. It gave details of when his flight will arrive. He also would like to meet up for old time sake. His email stated “sorry I didn’t contact you for a while. I thought it was the best thing to do. Now that you have settled down, we can talk as friends” He is probably being cautious. He still loves me. She thought.

Two weeks before Wale is due to return, Lola called her mechanic to her house. She said there was something wrong with her car brakes. The mechanic checked and told her everything is fine. She asked him to show her how the brake system works. He did and left. A week later, Leke died in a car crash. His brakes failed and his car collided with a truck carrying petrol causing a huge explosion. Lola was in mourning, she wore black. She declined allowing relatives to stay at her house. "I want to be alone" she said. A day before Wale‘s arrival. She fed Anu and cried while doing it. Teniola felt sorry for her because she thought Lola was crying for Leke. Lola put Anu in her crib.

Next day, Anu did not wake up. She died sometime during the night.Teniola discovered her. She screamed, she ran and told Lola. Lola just sat on her bed and cried. She refused to go see Anu. She beat at her chest and slapped herself. Teniola ran out to call a neighbor. Everyone came. This is a tragedy they all said.

Two days after Anu’s death, Lola was in her room waiting for a call or text from Wale. She decided she will have him come to the house. Family and Neighbors will not think anything of it. After all, she is in mourning and Wale is one of the sympathizers. It was a quiet afternoon and she needed a bit of distraction so she switched on the TV. The news was buzzing concerning the plane that went down in the Atlantic. It was coming from the United States, no one survived.
Names were been read and Lola heard Adewale Timi.

“It can’t be” – she screamed, her mother ran in – “Lola what is it? Take it easy. I know you are still in shock” Lola thrust herself to the ground.“My God what have I done? I have destroyed lives. Wale cannot be gone. Why? Why?"

Her mother was confused – “Wale? Hush Lola, Leke is your husband. Why do you keep saying wale?

“I have destroyed everything mummy. My life is done. I have no reason or desire to live." She kept rolling around on the floor.

Mrs. Kola was frightened. Lola her only daughter was loosing it. She hugged her daughter and busted out crying, "Lola its okay. God can see what you are going through. He will give you peace and replace all you have lost. Look at Job….."

"Mummy, you don’t understand, I killed Leke and Anu. I murdered them for Wale. Mummy God is already punishing me." Lola said sobbing

Mrs. Kola was in shock, she could not speak, she disengaged herself from Lola and started sobbing hysterically

"Wale why did you do this to me?" Lola sobbed. "Why? I did this all for you and you disappointed me."

Lola suddenly stopped crying, she got up from the floor cool and collected and walked towards the nightstand. She reached behind it and grabbed the rat poison. She remembered putting it there after she mixed it with Anu’s milk three days before. She looked at her mom, who was coiled on the floor still sobbing and said “I should have been content mummy. I should have known that life is a gift not a right. I destroyed those gifts.” With a swift movement she drank the content in the bottle. Her mom ran over and grabbed to examine the bottle. Mrs. Kola froze.

Lola went into convulsion, minutes later she breathe her last. Mrs. Kola wailed with all her might, neighbors rushed in, for teniola had gone to get help.What happened? They asked. They saw the bottle and shook their heads. Why? Why did she do this? You should have been watching her for she was still distraught” they said. Mrs. Kola wept uncontrollably shaking her head. She is determined to keep her daughter’s secret. Her family honor should not be jeopardized. She will be the seed that decides the harvest around her.

With regard to Lola, I saw it from two points of view...if i go the Shakespearean route, then every one must die, and then I thought of David (Bible) also. He too killed for love and then suffered the consequence by losing a son, but his story continued...I think the wage of Lola’s sin is Wale's death and being able to live through it will be her redemption. But I don’t know how to live out that redemption.

Someone can take the story up and give it a befitting ending.


Anonymous said...

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Rinsola said...

Waoh!!!!!!!!!!!! it was worth the wait! Poor lola.

Anonymous said...

wow....I'm reeling.
Allied, I honestly can't think of a better ending than the one you have crafted.
It's quite a moving piece.
Thanks for posting it :-)

Believer said...

I think the story had a very befitting ending. What a tragedy.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

what a tragedy, allied you should have warned me. I've been harrassing you for the ending and did not brace my self. But what a befitting ending though. If she had lived, she would have been plagued with what she did, but it would also been a testament of the mercy of God, in how she came to know the Lord, and was delivered from her murderous ways.

30+ said...

Madness, madness, madness what a foolish gurl Lola is I am so dissappointed in her

Xhale said...

Speechless....I may give it a go...and try to give her redemption instead of death....but nicely written yet again.

rethots said...


But, for some reason, thot you were going to finish up the post where you were stranded on the road at midnite.

Anonymous said...

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