Thursday, January 3, 2008

Did Somebody say Weirdo?

Ok, I for fear.

Happy New Year!!! I haven’t bloggd in a while. I was so busy. Ok I lied; I was not busy jare, just lazy to blog. My muse and I were luxuriating during my 2 weeks vacation doing absolutely nothing. I invited some bloggers over to my place and we had (Ok, let me speak for myself) I had the most amazing time with them. We gisted till 7 in the morning. These bloggers had lots of funny stories to tell, they are even more animated in person.

Anyway, I know this is really late. I was tagged by many people but it was hard to come up with 8 weird things about me. For the sane reason that I don’t consider myself weird at all, so this is my lousy attempt to join the Weirdo crew.

1. If you help me in any manner, I will always be loyal to you. Not to say I am disloyal to other people. Example, Let say I need $3 and you came to my rescue, there is nothing you can do that will make me say I won’t be there for you. Even if you treat me bad. I will always remember what you did for me.

2. I cannot sleep when someone else sleeps beside me. I don’t know what I will do when I get married. I will wake up if they move, breathe loudly or God forbid they snore.

3. When I am bored I write my name and cell number over and over again. I will write them in Caps, then lower case, then Caps and lower case.

4. I have lots of native for someone who is not an owanbe chick. Once a month, I try most of them on, complete with accessories excluding the Gele (head tie). I then admire myself in the mirror but sadly no place to go. But this year I have decided to start wearing them to my friends function. Most of them are Indians and they wear their own outfit. So why shouldn’t I wear mine.

5. When I am angry, I clean. I don’t know how to fight. Not with words, fist or silent treatment. When the place is spotless, I feel better and I move on. If I hold in bitterness, where will my happiness dock?

6. I detest Malls. I would rather spend my time watching Cspan. (Which I also dislike) Please why do people go window shopping? What purpose does that serve? Why do people hang out at the mall? For what reason? I only go the mall like 1 or twice a year and it is to places I know I can’t find outside the mall like Things Engraved.

7. I don’t like to memorize people cell phone numbers. I dislike it when people ask you what their cell phone number is just because they know yours. I don’t even know my Mom’s new cell phone number. In this day and age that I don’t have to dial, all I do is store you name, number and press enter. I only remember numbers I dial. Another reason is when I delete you from my cell phone what is the purpose when I know your number off head (please tell me I am not the only one that do this? Delete a number you know by heart from a cell phone)

8. I remember people’s birthday. If I meet you once and you tell me your birthday, be sure that I will remember for life.

Ok, I made it to number 8; you can see that I am not weird.



Olamild said...

Your #5 na something else o

Happy New Year

darkelcee said...

hi gurl

Happy new year!

dont know if its my link but i have difficulty connecting ur blog

Welcome back after a month break (lol......3 weeks!)

i can identify with no 3 but guess what i do? i test how sweet it will be to be MRS LAGBAJA and also learn the signature! when i dont even know how to sign consistently! lol!

7....when i cant even remember my fixed wireless now how much more other peoples'. Oyinbo has made life beaurifulll my sista!

so join me and save more nos and names on ur phone! lol!


CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Happy New Year...

yeah, you are kinda weird...not too much, just a little

bumight said...

#8; do u also send them gifts? lol!
not so wierd sha, Happy New yr babe!

rethots said...

My 'ill-luck' delete it multiple times, ask me for the no., 'll simply do some juxataposing & bham....reel out the no. to you.
Happy New Year, & He whispered; "I have added to your joy this year"

Afrobabe said...

Allied is backkkkkk....welcome back love...

Naaa you're not weird at all...calm, just like I pictured ya..

Anonymous said...

I think you are weird as well. it interesting reading your blogs. you always jump into conclusion alot as well. maybe its an african, nigerian, or female thing.hope i haven't created a blog in a blog. happy new year. its your year of blessings.

fantasy queen said...

welcome back!
i relate with num 2, but damn girl my case isnt extreme...

you write ur name and num on face caps et co...kudos, you just might get a hubby from this habit, an equally bored bloke might discover your number on a resturant table napkin and is history(okkay, i'm drifting here)

only number i have memorized is mine, and if my life depended on it then i'd try to squeeze out moms'...

congrats as weird as you are, you still qualified to be called human....

Writefreak said...

Hey, have you seen desperate housewives? Hope you don't clean like
Happy new year! May 2008 be the best you ever lived! Thanks for nudging me!

Orientatednaijababe said...

Happy New Year...

I find it difficult to sleep when the person sleepin next to me in snoring...God now blessed me with a snoring bf, u can see my wahala..

I think it is good to memorize 2 important nos in case ur fone battery dies off or ur phone gets least u'd be able to use a pay phone if u need help....think about it

U r not that weird...almost there though

Jinta said...

I align with your no. 2. I cannot sleep when someone's body is touching any part of mine. I do the cuddle bit, but really, actually, completely going off to sleep? No. So if we're in a cuddle, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm awake, sometimes the whole night. As for snoring, radios, noise, those are no-nos.

Afrobabe said...

as for not sleeping when any body is touching you...I used to have the same problem till I started sleeping with my friend...yes the man.....some how I comfortably sleep in his call that strange...we both say we are not in a we are friends...

Jinta said...

@ afro - if it's the same man who knocked on my door when he left yours during xmas, maybe i should request some lessons from him? LOL!

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Uncle Jinta, why would he knock on your door....!!!!!?

anonymous gal said...

HMM CONGRATS U PASS U ARE NOT EAXCTLY A all means wear your native attire 4 an indian party

Sherri said...

Happy new Year!
u are just a tad weird. lol
am the total opposite with phone #s
i dial a # once it becomes a part of my memory (talk about weird)

i can relate with u on the native attire, except i don't try em on
i send back a suitcase full with my mum every time she comes.
except for aso oke which i collect(i use them as wraps over plain dresses and pant suits)
i even have 2 ojas from my grandma for my unborn babies. lol

Afrobabe said...

ok Jinta, I am getting seriously or woman???

Queen of My Castle said...

Nah, I have most def never heard of anyone deleting a number because they have memorized it. LOL. So, you're not that weird.

Thank goodness you are back. When shall we be expecting the next engaging piece? I know, we're spoiled. LOL

el~correcta said...

wow...can i give you $3,pleeease!??!

Jinta said...

@ cat & afro - you forget my comment on Afro's xmas post:

Jinta said...
I woke up in the arms off... ahhh! my doorbell just rang.

and your response:
@ Jinta: Hope it wasn't the man in question at ur door cos right about the time I was reading that comment he said he was coming...

You guys have to pay me for some memory training o...


# 3? #6?

Yes, you are kinda weird. lol!

Happy New Year!

Ms. emmotions said...

u cant sleep with and u telll me u are not weird? so wat happens wen u get married like u said humm?

happy new year to u dear, surfing and got here, didnt regret i did for a min


princesa said...

Hey babes!
I thot i dropped a comment here earlier.

I think nos 3, 6 and 8 are weird but I don’t think that puts u in the weirdo category.
I love your anger therapy, wish I could do that-clean and calm down thing.
Happy new year dear.

James Tubman said...

i have that problem too

sleeping when someon'es laying next to me

i want all the covers

iwant many pillows for myself and i want yours as well

that's a bad habit

Xhale said...

Lol...I like # 7

Happy New Years!!

Eb the Celeb said...

@#2- drink a glass of wine before you go to bed... that should help

little miss me said...

happy new year! not weird..just extremely different /peculiar..ok,maybe you are weird,i found your list...strange.
in a good way:)

Simi Speaks said...


I also cant sleep too well with someone next to me. Am such a light sleeper. I hate cuddling to sleep. And my hubby does. Gist for another day.

Welcome back!!

30+ said...

I don't like window shopping either.

Happy New Year

Isi said... what if u marry a man that snores? lol!!!
happy new year dear!

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Happy New Year Gurl ;-)

yayi said...

Lol at the fone numbers. who cares neways? I dont know anything offhand anymore. I have to do most things online and they make you create passwords for everything. Just last week, I got a notebook and wrote everything down, no use mixing up dates and bills.
But am good with birthdays too. I guess that is why most of my friends still like me,lol
Happy New Year

Bukenzo said...

Hallo dearie, just checking on u.

TheAfroBeat said...

Not a fighter either, need to find the equivalent of your cleaning to vent my frustrations. i tend to throw things...not at anyone though, just at the walls, and then have to clean up later ;(

Jaycee said...

lolll..u just DON'T want to be weird! But...errrrmmm...writing ur name and cell phone number again and again, from caps to lower case, is weirdddddd!! Loll...

I want some owamber clothes M! And LOLLL @ being a loyal person if someone does as much as gives u $3 in a case of an emergency.

Allied said...

@ Olamild – I know. The good thing is that my place is usually spotless. Happy new near to you too.

@ Darkelcee - You want to be Mrs Lagbaja? You haven’t even seen the man. Lol

@ Catwalq - Happy New Year. A little weird is not weird at all

@ Bumlight – Nope... for where.

@ Rethots – Amen to your prayer

@ Afrobabe – Yesssss I am... eerrrrmmmm ok I am very calm. (She coughs). Are u now in a relationship with him?

@ Anonymous - hmm how do I jump to conclusions? Na wa for u oh. Kettle calling pot black.

@ Fantasy Queen – Can you hook us up please? But I want a cute boring man with great handwriting.

@ Writefreak – No, I am not like Bree oh. Hers is psychological. She saw her mom’s blood on the street. I hate that show by the way

@ Orientatednaijababe – Happy New Year. I hope you have located ur friend

@ jinta – Thank you jare.

@ Anonymous gal – I will

@ Sherri – Lol... You have ojas already? Will you really use it?

@ Queen of my castle – I muse ran away...

@ el-correcta – can we make that $50?

@ Solomonsdyelle – I can see number 3 but 6? Really?

@ Ms.emmotions - I don’t know... I just hope things will work itself out

@ Princessa – the side effect of this is that I start cleaning wherever I am... not a good thing if I am outside in public. Some have nickname me house girl... not a good look at all

@ James tubman – lol... I don’t share covers... please get your own

@ Xhale - :)

Allied said...

@ eb the celeb – Lol I don’t drink

@ Little miss me – Strange in a good way – I like

@ Simi speaks – so how do u guys manage?

@ 30+ - THANK YOU

@ Isi – There is nothing my God cannot do. He won’t snore in Jesus Name. AMEN

@ Kawana – Happy New Year

@Yayi – Lol. When is my birthday?

@ Bukenzo – I am here... How are u?

@ The afrobeat – Ahh, don’t throw things jare. What if you injure yourself?

@ Jaycee – I hope you brought my Kilishi from home? You just came back, why do you want my owanbe clothes?

nameless.poetical. said...

lol. i do that cleaning thing too :) ur not the only one.