Monday, September 22, 2008

Time then Chance

This is a sequel to Time and Chance written by ablackjamesbond. We all know that sequels are never as good as the original. With that said, treat this piece as such. I promised the author that i will continue the narrative from the brilliant or rather stupid line in my opinion made Bayo a long eared, slow, sure footed domesticated mammal, related to the horse and used chiefly as a beast of burden. It is popular known as an ASS!


It is a difficult place to be emotionally. In between feeling cheated and trying to figure out what he thought she lacked as a woman and wife, forgiveness was also expected from her. Everyone in that living room knew Modupe’s mind was in turmoil. Occasionally, she let out a sorrowful loud sigh and sporadically shook her left leg as though defusing a cramp due to charley horse. For the first time in the 10 years that she had been married to Bayo, she felt extreme hatred towards him. The mess he had made of her life is about to be swept under the rug and never to be mentioned again, courtesy of the useless family meeting she was called to attend.

They were all seated in the living room waiting for the Olori Ebi [Head of the Family] to come out of the bathroom and start the proceedings. To her right sat her mother and her mother in law, her Pastor and one of the Deacons from the Church. Bayo sat at the corner in his favorite chair which is the tallest in the room. She thought he ought to have sat on the Apoti[1] in the kitchen, it suit the likes of him – a lowlife and shameless husband.

Olori Ebi finally appeared; everyone stood up, out of respect and allowed him to sit before taking their seats.
“Good afternoon everyone”, said Olori Ebi.
“The reason we are here today is to prevent a good thing from turning bad and address an indiscretion which is threatening the stability of the home of our children”

Modupe let out an audible “mmm” sound, in reference to the Olori Ebi’s choice of word “indiscretion”? If it wasn’t for her mother’s painful pinch, she would have told Baba Wande to throw all discretion to the wind and blurt out the truth about his nephew instead of layering it with pretty words.

“...ale tori ori fifo, ka be ori[2]” Olori Ebi continued “Modupe, Iwo la wa bee[3]. Please forgive Bayo. Asise ni[4]

She woke up to the knowledge that some contribution was expected of her.

“Forgive him? And how do I do that? Am I to pretend this indiscretion never happened? Or that he wasn’t in his right senses when he slept with that girl. And what am I to do with my aching heart? Mami[5] is there a remedy you can prescribe? Mami, e ma wo mi ni ran[6]” Modupe turned to her mother seriously seeking an answer.

‘Wa ni lati se suru ni’[7]. Her mother comforted her.

Olori Ebi asked Modupe to remember the good deeds Bayo had done in the past 10 years. He is still a good son, husband, provider, son-in-law, neighbor and also a friend. Baba Wande’s words soften Modupe’s heart and she started to reason her way through the situation. She could not understand how Bayo found the time to cheat? During the day he was always at work when she called, except when he was out to lunch with his clients. Even at those times, he calls to let her know where he would be. He also came home on time every evening to have dinner with the family, after which he retreats to his study to do more work on his computer. She had even joked with him last weekend that he was married to the machine.

The relationship she had with Bayo had always been a very cordial and close one; it would have to take more than just the beauty of a stupid girl to penetrate and destroy what they have built. Maybe her mother-in-law was right when she said Bayo was bewitched by that girl. Maybe he wasn’t in his right senses when that girl lured him to Ife. Maybe she should forgive him and solicit the help of her pastor to destroy the hex that Mope girl put on him. Modupe looked at her husband and she saw he was so deep in thought. He is truly sorry she thought

Olori Ebi: 'Dupe please don’t be angry. Ese bayo, jo fi ya mi[8]

Modupe: I have heard.

Olori Ebi: Bayo! Bayo!!

Bayo: Yes Sir!

Olori Ebi: “You have wronged this woman deeply but she is willing to forgive you because of the love you have shared this past 10 years and also for the sake of the children. So what do you have to say to her?”

Bayo: Modupe, mo de sa fun e to o. {Modupe, I still can’t believe you caught me after all the precautions I took]

The silence in the room was as deafening as it had been before the meeting started.

Modupe : Bayo lenu e[9]? BAYO!! You are a wicked person oh!! Ko buru [10] But before I forgive him, someone should please ask him a question for me.Would he forgive me for the same indiscretion? Baba Wande, Eba mi bi[11]

Bayo answered before Olori Ebi could retort “Dupe, darijinmi. Tori ife wa Darijinmi. Ise esu ni[12]

Modupe: I will forgive you, but not today. I want us to all come back here next week, because I will also be asking for Bayo’s forgiveness. I am sure the devil will also use me. We can both forgive each other.

Modupe stood up and walked out of the room. Her mother ran calling after her.

Iya Bayo: Obirin agbako wo leyi[13].

Bayo: Baba Wande, please beg Dupe for me. Ahh, she is going to spoil our marriage

Olori Ebi: Ko je danwo[14]. If she does, she might have just succeeded in bringing that Mope girl into this house.

Bayo: She better not do it, because I don’t think I can ever take the taunting of my friends and colleagues. Not in my life time will she bring disgrace into my family.

[1] Low stool
[2] Beheading one’s head is not the remedy for headache
[3] Modupe, we came here to plead
[4] It was a wrong move
[5] My Mother
[6] Mother, don’t just look at me ( means do something)
[7] You just have to have patience
[8] For Bayo’s sins, I will be responsible
[9] Bayo? I can’t believe you said that!
[10] It’s okay
[11] Please ask him
[12] ‘Dupe, forgive me because of our love.. It’s the devil handiwork
[13] What kind of terrible woman is this?
[14] She dare not do it.


Afrobabe said...

hmmm who is bringing disgrace to the family? the boy is still talking arrant nonsense..

Nice, but the flow kept getting interupted by my constant going to the end of the page to get translations...

Naapali said...

Christmas has come early o.

Ose o jesu ao ma yin o!

Naapali said...

I like the way you expose this as a kangaroo court with one predetermined outcome; Modupe's forced forgiveness.

You also quickly show our double standard by how quickly and unanimously the family turns on Modupe's mere suggestion of doing the same.

Allied na you o!

Shubby Doo said...

What nonsense...he can't cope with the notion that she will cheat...& her cheating is what will bring disgrace 2 the family? Wtf?! Double standard indeed! But she 2 should know that 2 wrongs don't make a right! No point hurting or compromising herself and loosing dignity 2 prove a point...but it was a nice bluff 2 pull out of the hat. Bayo's reply to it... to everything shows he is a stupid goat. Like that u did this 4rm modupe's pov. Fitting continuation 2 time and chance by 007 dudu. Glad 2 have u back.

ablackjamesbond said...

Allied! Been smiling since i read this fantastic follow up. Loved the way you continued the story from Modupe's POV and like Naap said, you revealed the double standard that exists in our society where most expect the man to cheat and get away with it but when the woman is caught cheating she is immediately judged and 'punished'. Thanks! Am still smiling.

onydchic said...

nice one... especially cos this is exactly how our society behaves. I recently had an argument with someone over it, who insisted a bit naively that double standards don't really hold anymore... Pttf.

aloted said...

nice nice! i love it as much as i loved part 1..welldone!!!

Bayo is a stupid cow...idiot...i pray never to meet such men in my life...

Am sure Dupe was bluffing..but i am glad she did..God punish Bayo and his

Pls there should be part 3 o....!!!!

Believer said...

Great story! How are you these days? Long time o

FineBoy Agbero said...

Modupe is merely bluffin abi? Bcos i believe dat two wrongs never add up to a right. Besides, how's her action goin to address d double standards in society? She'd only get more condemned...
I think she shld have taken d harder stance: divorced d bastard. Until women decide to be strong (she even considered dat he was jazzed), men wld continue to get away with "indiscretions"

Jarrai said...

So he can cheat but not her...double standards

Allied said...

@ Afrobabe – I tire oh! Sorry, about the Yoruba bit. That was how I thought the story up.

@ Naapali – Christmas ke? See how you just forgot about Thanksgiving. I want turkey before…? What do we even eat at Christmas sef in this US of A? Jollof rice?. It is indeed a Kangaroo court. Even the women in the family cannot stomach such insult but they will impose it on someone else since the husband is their kin

@ Shubby Doo – I believe Modupe’s threat is just a bluff – imagine, if she can think her husband was charmed, how will she be able to sleep with someone else when she know the repercussion she will face from family and friends. I believe she doesn’t have the liver to do it. Nice to be back.

@ Ablackjamesbond – Are u still smiling? Glad you like it. I did not want to butcher ur excellent story. I think the double standard cannot be changed at least not in this generation until women themselves stand up. If Bayo did not utter that stupid sentence, I believe Modupe will forgive him. I still believe she will if her threat is a bluff.

@ Onydchic – What world does your friend live in? There is double standard everywhere – even in democratic countries – and please Nigeria is not a democratic country – we just believe we are

@ Aloted – Thanks oh! Bayo is many ugly animals I will like to butcher for the Ileya festival.

@ Believer – my sister, where have you been? I know, I owe you a call. This weekend sha. How you dey? I know with Jesus, u dey Kampe!

@ FineBoy Agbero – Do you think divorcing a man can bring this double standard thing on its knees? I don’t think so; neither do I think her sleeping with another man makes it better. I don’t think as a society, we understand what the sanctity of marriage means anymore. Marriage to most is security and reproduction. Until we go back to the root of it, this double standard will continue to rear its ugly head.

Allied said...

@ jarrai - Isn't that how it is? you know, we see this everyday in our society but we have taken it as one of our stupid customs. All we say is "it happens, what can we do"

TeeGirl said...

Now talk about double standards!
Can't we have one yard stick for once?
And d dumb ass has d guts to say she will disgrace him!!!
O n pe ko to disgrace e!
The one he did is wat?

fluffycutething said...

I like that Modupe didn't fall into the usual stereotype of crying and saying " oh Bayo i forgive you" etc etc :D

Wonder what happens next????

Jaycee said...

I read the original version by ablackJamesBond when he first put it up, I have to say that this is an amazing sequel. I couldn't lift my eyes off the screen as I kept reading, suspense after suspense...

Bayo: Modupe, mo de sa fun e to o. {Modupe, I still can’t believe you caught me after all the precautions I took]

This is the most absurd answer anyone can ever give when they're asking for forgiveness. He really didn't need Modupe to forgive him, he just wanted her to keep the shame inside the house and not spread the news to the external world. What a useless husband! I'm

Jaycee said...

It looks like you would do a FANTASTIC job if you completed Thandiwe's story as well. I desire to know truly how you would write her story...

Does that sound like a humble request? You have such great talent? Can you?

LG said...

*a loud applause for allied*
Thank you dear, i kno say 'dat story' suppose get part 2

norrin do u

Writefreak said...

Once again, i'm so not disappointed! you have a way with words lady!

It just shows how much of a double standard we have in our culture, when the woman does it, it's a big issue but the man can ask for forgiveness...pschew..thank God for good men sa!

Afrobabe said...

@ Jaycee and Allied...why dont you both seperately write the story...I too am intrigued by little Thandi...

my version would be x rated so waiting on u guys

naijalines said...

Allied is da bomb!
Well done sista, well penned.
Doesn't it just make you angry? Modupe hasn't even done it and they want to bite her head off. But Bayo can get away with it!

'Very sad reflection on our culture. But true.

bArOquE said...

see eh, after 14th&Serenity, i told myself to check on yours but never did, now i see u again on BlakJ's and remember, come here only for you to be sequeling his story (like i'm tryin to do to one of Tyger's)...i never read am yet sha oh...i dey come, piss dey catch me

bArOquE said...

of course, Bayo's case had to be worsened by you...please let her go & cheat oh, i'm sure he'll forgive her, then we'll take it from there...

Smaragd said...


and yes i second Naapali, xmas has come early! and also in his second comment. beautiful piece, i think we should make a script tennis out of this, u know, continue the story...

i might do it...

that said, i would've reacted exactly thesame way Modupe reacted. is it smart? no, but i understand her pain.

30+ said...



wow! that was so good!!!! Ah, mehnn....and 1 week later?????


Sherri said...

obviously Bayo is not operating with a full deck! didinrin!

thanks allied.

Rita said...

Allied, this is beautiful...gripped me from start to end...

I did not know when I muttered a curse with "...Modupe, I still can’t believe you caught me after all the precautions I took..." He probably is not remorseful and only thinking about himself...

Well written, dear.

Allied said...

@ TeeGirl - Have you forgotten that you can only be disgraced if you know shame? Alainitiju ni Bayo. He has no Shame

@ Fluffycutething – I don’t know what happened next but I won’t be surprised that she will forgive him and take him back. What she said will only be a threat

@ Jaycee – I don’t think he was ashamed of his deeds. He was only ashamed that he got caught. I will think about the Thandiwe’s story, it will involve some research because I know little of the Zulu culture. If I am right - aren’t most mixed with Bantus?

@ LG – It has to get part 2. really, the story should as started with Bayo in the hospital cause Modupe went into the kitchen to get a knife and stabbed him but I couldn’t write it that way cause I just finished my daily devotions reading when I wrote the story – it was a bit weird in spirit,

@ Writefreak - Thank you my sister. What I don’t understand is that the Forgiveness is demanded. As in a “good wife” will always forgive her husband for such things as cheating, impregnating another girl etc… Naija Mentality

@ Afrobabe – LOL… abeg, don’t write about her. The image of Thandiwe is still pure to me – no spoil am for me

@ Naijalines – lol, you comment “Allied is da bomb!” reminded me of this cheesy pick up line someone said to me at a grocery store. “Are your parents terrorists” he said. I look very confused then I said no (face scowling and serious up and down eye rapid movement like the Yoruba girl I am) then the foolish guy said “Cause u are the bomb!
U should see the way I sucked my teeth eh...

@ bArOquE – Oga Baroque, u know I never told u but ur comment was one i cherished during the 14th and Serenity Manga. Thanks! Bayo was already an animal when I took him from 007. I just made sure everyone knows what kind of animal he was. An Ass.

@ Smaragd - This should be interesting. You can continue oh – 007, do we have your “go on soun?” Dag, that was so random and totally RAZZ LOL!

@ 30+ - Thanks! Haven’t seen you here in a while – wetin they happen?

@ SOLOMONSYDELLE - Me to I don’t know maybe we should wait for Smaragd’s post

@ Sherri - I concur – didirin dato

@ Rita said – Do they all? Meaning don’t cheater only think just about themselves. I don’t even know if these men know there are role models to their children.

Kafo said...

i love the fusion of english and yoruba

na wa for these people oooooooo

bumight said...

this is the exact reason why I dont read your posts till like a week after they are written: they are so good, I save them for the perfect time!

it is sad, disheartening and annoying the double standards that exist. what is more infuriating is that they just expect Dupe to forgive him like that with no preconditions. hypocrisy at its best! shio!

Anonymous said... oh, Bayo is an olori ede freal. I've been slacking on my naija movie watching seriously, havent watched all the ones u mentioned, dont worry i'll help u find out the good ones. I watched gambling with marriage on onlinenigeria, it was okay, not too bad.


N.I.M.M.O said...

Beautiful piece of work.

So who will take it up from here and continue the story. (Not Afrobabe pleeeaase.) It will be nice to let it continue.

About the obvious double standards, I doubt if there's much we can do about it. It everywhere.

Uzezi said...

cheats cant stand their partners cheating. lovely story. did i read the first part? u said sequel.

OluwaDee said...

Just like I said on BJB's blog; this guy is an idiot.

He isnt even sorry.
Double standards.

i am even annoyed with Baba Wande. lol.

nicely written.

rethots said... dignity.


Aunty Allied, haba ...

Afolabi said...

Contrast in the way people's 'indiscretions' are treated dependin on gender. I like the twist or other side of arguement to ABJB's post is it going wit u Allied?

Allied said...

@kafo – Thanks

@Bumight - I like hearing that!

@Omosewa – I am waiting now for you now… where are they? U know, I can only do Naija movies on a rainy day.

@Nimmo – How about you?

@Uzezi – The first one was written by abllackjamesbond. The link is above.

@OluwaDee – Bayo is just another branch in the tree, of course Baba Wande is also part of it...

@rethots – sure, no dignity

@Solomonsydelle – I know... I am terribly with updates

@Afolabi – where have u been? Things are going well I can’t complain

amara said...

Happy Birthday, may the Lord continue to increase you and show you favour, remain blessed.

ebonyhyde said...

ANYWAYS she should sha forgiv bebe,abi wetin she go do.

Babatunde Olaifa said...

Ms Adesanya, been a while. Dont know if u still remember me. Used to blog as Ablackjamesbond. Need to get in touch with you. You once told me a story about Ayepe that I would like to feature on a new project. Will appreciate if you can please get in touch. Thanks !