Monday, November 17, 2008

And they say I’m picky

Text from a ‘toaster’

Hi allied, hope all is well. I am sick. It turns out I have mono and I have been in bed since last week. I hope u are still around when I get better. I really want to meet up in City. One more thing, U have beautiful lips

Can somebody say Ewwwwwwwww! The guy just stated he has mono, then he is talking about my lips. My skin actually crawled when I read the text.

A note to Cupid/Eros
Cupid, I seriously think the arrows in your quiver have lost its magic. Or maybe you are simply amusing yourself with different characters. I don’t even know why I am complaining to you, what else should I expect from a chubby baby? But if it the arrows that are causing errors, please get new ones from your mom (she still in good favor) and may I also suggest you take off your blindfold before shooting them


Jaycee said...

LOLLLLLLL @ what else should you expect from a chubby baby?

Believer said...

eh ya...cupid open your eyes very well o cos this is one special sister..
ore, u have abandoned me o!

naijalines said...

Na wa for cupid o, lol.
What is mono?

Afronuts said...


Sounds like the story of the cute chick and the interested dude.

chick is hot!
Dude likes chick.
Dude chats up chick
chick accidently farts
Dude thinks chick is hot...not!

Allied said...

@ Jaycee - Abi? It is true now

@ Believer – No vex oh my sister. I will call you this week.

@ Naijalines - Mono is short for mononucleosis. It is also referred to as the “kissing disease” .it is another type of herpes virus.

@ Afronuts – farting is better, abi. Everyone farts jare. But Mono, okay, maybe a lot of people might have had it but you do not tell a potential date that. Or am I the only one that sees anything wrong here?

darkelcee said...

Im sure cupid is working hard at been a better chubby baby! lolll

Just dont thing about mono for now.lolllll

InCogNaija said...


first, i think dude is messing with you...even though, thats a pretty dumb joke to tell a girl u r trying to get..."i have gonorrhea but cant wait till we get it on!!!" lmao!

second, almost everybody in this world has gotten mono one time or the other in their lives...thats what the article i just finished reading said. so almost everybody has developed antibodies against you might be safe! lol

third, cupid has a real sense of humor. it might be a test of what real love is made of. lol

Shubby Doo said...
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Shubby Doo said...

@incognaija - what?!!! i no sabi dat one o!...abeg where is this article...

30+ said...

Heeheeeeeee lol, oh my dayz.

What else can you expect from chubby baby indeed.

You are a trip

InCogNaija said...

@ shubby doo: small correction, it says 95% of adults have been exposed to EBV (the virus responsible for mono). lmao! so not necessarily mono, but the virus so the body develops antibodies against it so that the next time you see EBV (like if this mono dude were to kiss somebody), the antibodies will just kick the virus's butt and the person will be safe.
see link below:

aloted said...

lol..the guy was prolly pulling your legs..hopefully...

if and thunder......


Shubby Doo said...


Awww…Allied sweetie I don’t think it was amor’s fault…eroticism and beauty do not equal any form of herpes… sounds like the possible work of a trixster… …unless, like you said, chubby baby was blindfolded…if so he should shine his eye well well…you deserve (and will be blessed) with something MUCH better

Shubby Doo said...

@incognaija - i read the article and you're right but then i re-read it again

'In the U.S., up to 95% of adults 35-40 years of age have antibodies directed against EBV. This means that most people, sometime in their lives, have been infected with EBV'

it starts with in the U.S...don't live there so i'm hoping those stats don't apply to me...anybody asks me...i'll reply never had it

@allied - reading the article makes me understand why you cringed when he said 'u have beautiful lips' is as if his mono had found a new playground...ewwww...

this one is not your portion!

InCogNaija said...

@ shubby doo: u got me there. unfortunately for me, i live there tho. lmao! lucky you. but who's to say that its not in other places just the same way?
infact, i just read that EBV is one of the most common viruses in the WORLD...and this new link says that most kids are exposed to this virus while growing up!
so if anybody asks you if you ever had it, better answer might be, "not that i know of". lol!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, which way shall i swing?

Of course you should be picky, anyone who can't command a good joke (oops, hope 'twas one sha) has got no sense of humor.

Why engage someone who will continually douse the laughter of humor? your heels Allied.

@Shubbydoo, "...up to 95% of adults 35-40 years of age......don't live there so i'm hoping those stats don't apply to me......"
are you whispering something to me?

Jinta said...

if the fellow was joking, it means he has a very stupid sense of humour and should get slapped. if he was serious, it simply means he is stupid and should get slapped.

either way, he deserves a slap!

Shubby Doo said...

@incognaija - hahaha...the stats don't apply to you either...unless you're btw the age of 35 to 40...i know i'm not

@rethots - lol...nice try but no

LMAO @ jinta - agreed

ShonaVixen said...

LOL...was he serious??LOL

Anonymous said...

allied you do have beautiful lips, i almost kissed you once

tankojjetty said...

eeeemmmmm...wats mono???*blushing*

Sting said...

Don't u know Mono and lips go together? How else can he pass in on to u?

LG said...

lolll which kind luv'play be diss????

bumight said...

lol! almost everybody has gotten mono at some point in their lives, there's a reason why they call it the kissing disease.

but then its still not attractive for someone to tell me they have mono, ewwwww! spare me the details!!!

Allied said...

@ Darkelcee - Ahh, I will have to think about the Mono, and I thank God that I don’t have to wait on chubby baby. Don’t I have a God?

@ InCogNaija - I seriously don’t think he is messing with me. But I did hear that Mono makes one weak and delirious, maybe he sent me the text at that moment. But I know it is not a joke. I am not sure if I have been exposed to EBV but I know for sure that I have not had Mono and I want to keep it that way. So Mr. Mono better forget about my lips. I think cupid jokes is only funny to him

@Shubby Doo - “ is as if his mono had found a new playground......” TRIPPLE EWWWWWWWWWWWW… you made it even worse. This is definitely not my portion in JESUS NAME! But seriously, was he thinking when he sent that text?

@30+ - lol, are u back from your hideaway?

@ Aloted – you are right, fire and thunder… and a whole lot of “not my portion”

@rethots - Lol at your reply to my comment. “Sulia kan, Aiyetoro kan” lol that was a funny movie. But i think in the next 3 years, it would be extinct* from our memory…(LOL)

I hear you my brother.. Spun on my heels I did.

@Jinta - LOL. I really do miss your witty comment on my page. Bottom line, Mr. Mono is stupid and should be slapped. But I don’t want my palm going anywhere near where his Mono is residing

@ShonaVixen - Who knows? It doesn’t matter. Read Jinta’s comment above

@Anonymous – Really? Are u the dude I slapped?

@tankojjetty - please read Shubby Doo and InCogNaija comments. They have both done their research.

@ Sting – LOL. I will pass.

@ LG - I wonder oh my sister.

Allied said...

@ Bumight – Tell me about it. Some people should know that there are certain things you say that are ‘deal breaker’

Nefertiti said...

lol @ your comment to anon.

This is actually my first time hearing about this 'mono' thingie. I wonder what it looks like. *makes a mental note to google it.

My sister, mono is not your portion in Jesus name. monolip dudes need not apply. What in world was he thinking?

fantasy queen said...

allied i have missed youuuuu!

and stop being picky, the guy loves your lips and you complain? havent you heard about kissing a frog and turning it to the most charming princes of them all....cupids only trying to help you get the best

OluwaDee said...

How can he use mono & lips in d same line.

princesa said...

Did you mean Gono?(short for Gonorrhea)

Run fi ur life o!!!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Double Ewww! I mean what was his brain thinking when he thought it was okay to place mono and your lips in the same text! Lol@ "toaster"-havent heard that word in minute!

Haha, what else do you expect from a chubby baby?! He must have really ticked you off!!!lolllllll

N.I.M.M.O said...

Mono. Gono.

Whatever. Run fi cover.

LOL@ Jinta.

doug said...

That baby's retarded IMHO. Hilarious though...the mono thing. So much for love being blind (I keed). Nice blog

Buki said...

Pele...mononucleosis? And he likes your lips? Jinta said you need to slap his chubby jowls!

Anonymous said...

No i have never been slapped by a woman, am the one you wished you had, thats if you gotten over your lost or illusion for indian men

Writefreak said...

i wonder what momo is...

Cupid...strike the arrow well o...this my sister is special but hey, none shall lack her mate...think that's in the Holy book

How've you been?

miz-cynic said...

@jinta-lmao at either ways he shd get slapd.i move a motion 4 slapping mono!any seconda

miz-cynic said...

@jinta-lmao at either ways he shd get slapd.i move a motion 4 slapping mono!any seconda

miz-cynic said...

@jinta-lmao at either ways he shd get slapd.i move a motion 4 slapping mono!any seconda

Standtall said...


Uzezi said...

lol. kissing disease? seriously? there is something like that? he better not like ur lips o!

laspapi said...

Mono...? Kissing disease....? Where do these things come from?

Tigeress said...

Never heard of Mono till now.

Infectious mononucleosis (mono) is often called the kissing disease. The virus that causes mono is transmitted through saliva, so you can get it through kissing, but you can also be exposed through a cough or sneeze, or by sharing a glass or food utensil with someone who has mono.

ablackjamesbond said...


Allied, who is this Anon?

Shubby Doo said...

i just finished going thru your 2007 white water raft?....allied i am so impressed...always wanted to do that...meant 2 try it out on my birthday w/e (on the colorado river) but didn't have the time.

also did you ever finish the story where your car stopped dead on the highway?!

Anonymous said...

My dear Allied......what hails thee?

NigerianDramaQueen said...


Ms. Catwalq said...


Allied said...

@ Nefertiti – Amen on, I don’t think mono has a shape though, one just get sick, its symptoms is like malaria I believe.

@ fantasy queen – I have missed u too love. I have kissed some frogs, but I will rather not find that price if I have to kiss a Mono frog. “God forbid bad thing”

@ OluwaDee – Imagine

@princesa _ no I meant Mono

@ NigerianDramaQueen - Yes oh, it really really ticked me off. And Imagine the Mono guy called me after his illness, of course he got my voicemail, he proceed to tell me he is not contagious, like I will take his word for it.

@ N.I.M.M.O - lol

@ Doug - Well, I don’t subscribe to Blinded Love, I believe L ove is a Decision, and my decision is not to ever contact Mono.

@ Buki _ yes Mononucleosis, since I am Nigerian and American, I am accustomed to shorten names to suit my laziness. But you will never catch me saying OJ for Orange Juice. I just think that is sheer laziness of the highest order,

@ Anonymous - I guess u need someone to stroke your ego? You said “am the one you wished you had, thats if you gotten over your lost or illusion for indian men” – well if I know you and I am not going out with you, I guess your statement does not hold water. Abeg shift to another blog jare!

@Writefreak - Look at the comments above or just goggle it.

@ miz-cynic _ but who wants to volunteer to put their hands near his mouth? Hello, he has Mono!

@ Standtall - Kissing Disease

@ Uzezi - yes oh my dear.

@ Laspapi - who knows... how are u?

Allied said...

@Tigeress – yep

@ Ablackjamesbond - I tired for Anon oh… who knows where he came from?

@ Shubby Doo - I will finish the story about the car for you... Just for you okay.

@rethots – WORK!!!!

@NigerianDramaQueen – I just did

@ Ms. Catwalq -Alaisan tabi alaisan. O wa eniti o makoba

Unmodern said...

live and learn . didnt know what mono was ubtil i googled just no. apparently its glandular fever and is quite common.

Ariellei said...

Okay just to note here.
You all are being really mean.
Agreed he shouldn't have said both at the same time, but what if you had it and people were making fun of you?
Seriously you could be a little more considerate.
I'm not being mean i am just saying.
He CAN NOT say that it isn't contageous because it is, and your acting like he is going to have it forever.
NOO he's not, it goes away after a while.
The most you can have it that I have heard is 2-3 months, and that's just to get over fatigue.
You are absolutly right Mononucleosis makes you very delirious.
I would know because I have it, and I have no idea how I got it.
I am 19 years old.
I don't kiss people and I don't share drinks and stuff.
I personally I don't remember being coughed or sneezed on.
Soooo I have absolutly noooo idea how I ended up with it.
But I am distancing myself from people so I don't share it.
But cut him a break delirium isn't fun, and neither is having Mono.
I bet that when he sent the text that he was in a delirious state.
I was driving before I knew that I had it and I was hanging out with my friends and I almost told one of my friends that I Loved Him.
The weird thing is, is that I have no interest in him.
Soo delirium is probably the cause for his slip of the tounge.
But seriously quit harping on him.
He probably doesn't know what he's saying.
Just another note the Delirium isn't constant either.
But maybe now you can understand better?
I am not siding with one of you just stating some points.

Ariellei said...
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