Thursday, May 10, 2007

I am here!


I am not new to the blog world but new to the “Niaja” blogging (whatever that means). It is so interesting to read Nigerian bloggers for some reason. I feel a connection at some level (I don’t know why that is).. and they are much funnier.

Anyway, Una welcome me oooooooo… I will try to pen my thoughts down here carefully; I have always being a listener, so I guess it will be hard doing all the talking (or typing).

I will be *ranting* about random things, things that interest me, stories I write, poems I have written and other observations. I am someone who likes to try new things, hopefully I don’t bore you.

Some rants will make sense and other wont, the rants you don’t understand, means I am also trying to figure stuff out – that is where I will need your help. My grandmother always told me “it easier telling a stranger your story - because he/she won't be bias” I hope this adage will hold true to my benefit on this blog.

I will try to remain anonymous so I can be free with my thoughts – (hopefully)!

Till then