Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Unspoken Desire

This is fictional. I love using first person singular because it makes me feel what my character is going through.

it is just a story. Enjoy!

The sound of his laugher fills the kitchen even though he is in the next room. My skin crawled but at the same time my heart also leaped.

He is the happy type and his laugher is the contagious kind. I remember those days when we were young and I loved to hear him laugh. I secretly blushed when Mom use to say “A happy man is a good husband”.

"Aunty Naomi, Mom is on the phone” my niece yelled

I dropped the peeled onion and cleaned my hands with the apron around my waist. I picked up the mounted phone in the kitchen


"Naomi, I will be home late. I have to stop by mom’s house... What is that loud noise?" my sister asked

With sadness I answered

"It is your husband laughing”.


TaureanMinx said...

Short and sweet.

Bola said...

Hmmm.....interesting. This better be fiction. You don't strike me as a husband stealer.

Ubong Da said...

hmm ur heart leap ke, shoo no thief person husband oh.

Allied said...

@Taureanmix - sweet? that was not what i was going for. But i think i get what you mean

@Bola - lol.. i am not and dont worry lovely is safe.

@Ubong da - no thief for here ooooo.. Her brother in law is safe. It is a dangerous/ evil desire.

rethots said...

Unlike you, i prefer to use the third person singular.

"With sadness i answered", i take it to mean, you hope that someday someone will tell you "it is your husband laughing"?

Anonymous said...

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