Thursday, May 17, 2007

I hope it's Finished!

I lie if I say I am keen on blogging this story. It chokes my spirit. Hopefully it will be the last we will hear of it. I mean, I am not use to having drama like this in my life.

Anyway, I conclude the story with sadness- Seye’s wife is now in the hospital with a broken jaw. I will tell you the version of the story I heard. Which I don’t believe wholeheartly.

Allegedly, Seye went home after he spoke to me to “warn” Olatilewa to stop the harassment. They argued for at least an hour and she still didn’t see reason. He then decided he had had enough argument for the night; he grabbed his jacket and headed out the door. His wife ran after him, I guess to drag him back into their flat. She ran down the stairs to catch him in the lobby because Seye took the elevator. She slipped, fell on the stairs and rolled down 2 flights of stairs. I have been to their complex and I can tell you those stairs are steep. Her lips were cut and her jaw broken.

Only God knows if that is what really happened. Just read on to see the reason why I think maybe – just maybe Seye beat his wife to this condition. The story of falling down might just have been concocted to avoid eyes in the hospital.

I know some readers have questioned the wife’s insecurities in her marriage. Well she has her reasons.

Seye called me yesterday to relate the story to me. His words “she got what she deserved – my God, can you believe I found your name and phone number under her pillow”.

Allied: Don’t say that, I pray for her recovery. But why does she have my name under her pillow? Anyway, I am not afraid I am covered by the blood of Jesus. But Seye, please don’t call me anymore, at least until she knows there is nothing bwt us. I can’t handle stuff like this. I will hate to come to London and the girls are holding on to their husband and Boy friends just because they see me in sight. Please I don’t like drama.

Seye: Ahh... Allied ma so be mo (don’t say that again) you are breaking my heart. I like talking to you. You are just a nice girl.

Allied: please understand... I just want to clear my name from this mess. Or do you want people to think it’s true. Think about your own reputation (Why did I think he even had a reputable one)

Seye: What if I tell you it will not bother me?

what do you mean?

Seye: When you were in London, did you realize I came by all the time? I like your spirit. I had to question God why I didn’t meet you earlier. I know I shouldn’t be saying this but I like you and I am telling you that now……and,

Allied: Seye kilo ro pe on so? (What do you think you are saying) ahh... alokoba ma n e ke? (You are a betrayer) Ase oto ni pe eniyan buruko ni e (So it is true you are a mean person) I can’t believe what I am hearing? Don’t you know you are married?

Allied ma binu (don’t be angry) but I had to say it. I felt this way a while ago. We both know I can’t marry you, but who knows what can happen in the long run?

Ori boy yi o pe (this boy is crazy)

Allied: You know what…. Seye, please don’t call me again – cause if I say what is on my mind – I will wrong God. I have many names I want to call you right now, but you are not worth it. Please jabo lori phone mi jo (get off my phone)

I hung up. People, what kind of man is this? His wife is in the hospital and there he is trying to “toast” another girl.

All is well. I have decided to put all this behind me. And I pray that God heal his wife completely- physically and emotionally.


temmy tayo said...

Seye and his wife na another level o. If he beat her up then he is not a man. That is not the best way to resolve what is on ground, unless he doesnt have any iota of respect for her.

Lets see the way the story goes.

Welcome to blogville!

Believer said...

This is becoming intriguing. Continuing the why question here...Why is it usually the woman who is perceived to be 'crazy' and ends up in the hospital after an 'accident' when sometimes the insecurities that make her act 'abnormal' stem from the fact that the man has never given her the assurance that she can be secure in the relationship?
Hmm..not really talking about this particular case but it seems to be the case in other similar stories that I know.
I so loved your comment on my blog!

Allied said...

@ temmy tayo - I dont think he respects his wife. He doesn't know what a commitment is. Hopefully that will be the end of the story.

@ Believer - u said it all. Sometimes we act certain way because we have seen certain things... I pray i am not in a relationship and still feel single.

Daddy's Girl said...

Wow, that's quite a story - just finished reading from the beginning. Na wa o. I hope they can work things out. And by God's grace, this is really the end of the story where you are concerned - which kain wahassle be dat?

Allied said...

@ daddy's girl - I have refused to pick up Seye's call and i am permanetly offline to him as well. Good riddance!

Can you please update!!!!!

rethots said...

"jabo lori phone mi jo" Wow! did say this. A very new phrase. I agree your Yoruba skill are awesome but, this is simply different.