Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Something is up

Hey all...

Hope all is well with everybody? This week has been a blessing even with all the “buts” in it. I promised I was going to give the update of Mrs. Olatilewa. Anyway I don’t like the way the drama ended (has it?)

After my conversation with the wife, I immediately picked up the phone and called the husband’s sister (Sister Bose) to tell her what happened. The sister said I shouldn’t worry; she will talk to Olatilewa and sort things out.

My mind was then at ease…. (Maybe I should not have relaxed so much)

Sister Bose’s way of approach baffled me. She called her brother Seye to ask if he is in love with me (WHAT!) – From where to where? (Her brother told me this)

Seye called me to apologize about his wife behavior but he said something that also baffled me as well “Allied sorry about this whole thing – the girl is crazy and I assure you that it will never happen again, I will deal with her”

Allied: “Wa (come) what do you mean you will deal with her?

Seye: Don’t worry about that, I will show her what she wants to see

Allied: hmm Seye, I am know this is ur household, but I hope you are not going to do what I think u will do?

Seye: What is that?

Allied: (I swallowed and spoke in a whisper) you are not going to hit her?... right?

Seye: Allied leave that one alone… I am just calling to apologize... Sister Bose said u were angry. I will take care of it... I will call you later

Allied: Seye, a real man doesn’t hit his wife ooo… I will be disappointed if you do, and please it will look like you are beating her for me… What kind of man are u? Seye please this is not how to solve the problem. Just tell her we are not dating... Seye... Emi so temi (I am saying my own).

Seye: Don’t worry I will not do anything... I will just warn her… I have to go. Sorry again.

Seye hang up. For a reason, I was afraid. What have I caused? Husband and wife will be fighting cause of me? When did I reach this stage?

I decided to call Sister Bose.

Sister Bose: Hello, Allied, I have spoken to Seye, and he is going to talk to Olatilewa, so she will not bother you again. But I have something to tell you.

Allied: what is it?

Sister Bose: I know my brother, I think he likes you.

Allied: Aunty Bose, what are u saying? Seye has said anything of the sort. We do not chat and we have only spoken on the phone twice since my visit to London

Sister Bose: I know, he told me as well. But I am just saying. He might have an agenda.

Allied: Well be rest assured that nothing will happen. I do not date married men. I will not destroy someone else’s happy home.

Egba mi ooooo… I have to go to a meeting now.. will continue the story later.



this is deep o, i hope u sort this out o!!!! na wa all these low wives is it u she should be talking to or her husband

Believer said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog and welcome to blogville. Honestly! i always thought such stories only occur in nigerian movies anyway I trust that it will be sorted out. Unfortunately, some people find themselves in relationships where the 'security' factor is missing and they feel the need to go to such lengths. Please forgive them. Remain blessed and have a great day!

Allied said...

@ 36 inches of brown legs - well i don't know if its all sorted out completely but i have done the best i can. Will post the rest of the story today.

@ believer - There are many things that i just hear about but never happened to me. But this year i have been in situations that states - "this can happen to any body" Please continue to visit my blog as the bible says " iron sharpes iron".

Anonymous said...

May i ask why you didn't tell Seye that you got a man. I think it seems like you keeping your option open even though in this case as i presume you are a lady of principles and dating married men would be against that. I cetainly glad that this went by you without harm. May God continue to protect you.

rethots said...

...and for some reason my ears etch for more.